Our VoIP Service

Superior voice quality and unparalleled service uptime is our primary focus.

Cloud Hosted VoIP and Unified Communications delivers the latest in telecommunications technology.

Get mobile ready and keep your business in the palm of your hand.

VoIP Central service ranks among the best in the telecommunications industry. Ever since we started in 2003, we have provided the kind of communication solutions that businesses require.

Our Unified Communications and VoIP platform includes services like cloud voice, hosted PBX, business SMS, web conferencing, contact and call center and more – which gives you the flexibility to work smarter, not harder.

Business Voice and Data Solutions

VoIP Central offers a comprehensive suite of cloud voice and data solutions to increase productivity at every business level. VoIP Central delivers instant connectivity through the cloud that improves collaboration and communication for your business through a rich suite of business voice and data solutions. VoIP Central offers all the features you have today plus:

  • Advanced cloud-based calling and data features
  • Flexible, efficient and future-friendly format
  • 99.99% service level guarantees for all critical voice and data functions
  • Lower operating costs
  • Mobile/Remote office
  • Disaster-proof and geographically-redundant infrastructure

Key Features & Solutions Suite

  • Cloud/Hosted PBX
  • Contact and call center solutions
  • Business SMS
  • IP fax
  • Web conferencing and collaboration
  • Video capabilities
  • Voice API
  • SIP trunking
  • Enhanced applications
  • Appointment reminders, Business SMS, voice broadcast, voicemail transcription and more
  • E911
  • Soft phone and Mobile app
  • Various integrations (See Integrations)

Contact and Call Center Solutions

VoIP Central offers a rich feature set of carrier class contact and call center applications from the unified communication and cloud platform infrastructure. Our call center solutions have been developed to deliver the highest quality in hosted call experience to small, medium and large sized businesses without the high upfront capital investment. Learn more about the features and solutions we offer below.

Advanced Call Management

Empower your call center team with call management tools to customize and fit any call center environment.

  • Queue Based Routing
  • Configurable Time Frames
  • Hunt Groups
  • Call Parking
  • Answering Rules
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
  • IVR/ Auto Attendant

Supervisor Controls

Call center supervisors manage the activities of their agents, monitor call flow, and analyze reports within the intuitive browser based UI.

  • Real Time Management
  • Dashboard and Reports
  • Automated Callback IVR
  • Whisper, Barge, Listen In
  • Contact History Database
  • CRM Integration
  • Configurable Call Monitoring

Quality Insurance

We ensure a positive user experience through the use of quality monitoring tools and highly available network architecture within the VoIP Central cloud network infrastructure.

  • n-Share Architecture for Scalability
  • Call Recording on Queues, Users or across the entire Domain
  • Call Analytics and Alerts
  • Real Time QoS Monitoring
  • SIP Ladder Graphs Reporting for Instant Call Metrics

Detailed Reporting

Gain insight into the call center performance with a wide range of detailed reporting available in the SkySwitch user portals. Reports can be as wide as entire organizations or as granular as a single agent in aspecific call queue.

  • Customizable Dashboards
  • Queue Statistics
  • Agent Statistics
  • Agent Availability reporting
  • DNIS statistics

UC Integration

Call Center features are accessible through the VoIP Central online user portal, permitting fast and easy access from anywhere and any device.

  • Integrated Fax
  • Voicemail Transcription
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Presence on Multiple Devices
  • Simultaneous Ring
  • Click to Call
  • Web-based Agent & Supervisor Portal
  • Supported Geographic Distribution & Mobility of Agents

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