Nonprofit Organizations

Expand the Impact of Your Mission With Technology

Your mission is the starting point and everything flows from it. That’s why you need to keep your focus on your cause so it will ultimately have the intended benefit. But you’d like it to have a much wider impact and that can happen by using the right technology to expand your reach. At VoIP Central, we have the perfect system that will let you realize all your goals without losing focus along the way.

As a non-profit, you want to have as much positive effect as you can without going overboard with your overhead expense. Our system’s distinct features allow you to do that with the assurance of a top-performing company. By adopting our system, your workflow will see a significant increase in its efficiency. Use our business SMS/MMS feature to send custom texts and messages. This will allow you to inform more individuals and groups about important events such as upcoming fundraisers and more.

On top of our other features that you can maximize to reach a wider audience, we also offer a consistent communication system. We present a consistent and versatile system that lets you connect to those that matter wherever you are at the moment. Take advantage of our smartphone app as you receive texts and phone calls regardless of your location. With our cloud-based office phone system, your non-profit organization is literally at the palm of your hand.

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Meet Your Organization’s Goals With Our Flexible Features

Non-profit organizations are known for being quite busy and their members are always on the move. As a non-profit, your organization is likely involved in a great deal of back and forth communication with individuals and other organizations. A lot of requests and questions are coming your way just as you’re sending them out in volume as well.

It could be from volunteers or groups that want to partner with your non-profit. Or it could be from donors or people in need of assistance. Whoever it is and whatever the reason, one thing is sure and that’s the fact that the flexible features that we have can help you connect.

Enjoy the use of our voicemail to email messaging feature, send text messages on any device with our SMS/MMS feature, and ensure your callers have a positive experience with our call forwarding service. All these features help enhance the experience that people have with your organization whatever their reason for calling you might be.

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Grow Without Spending More

You want your non-profit organization to grow and be able to impact more people and lives. That’s what you want to achieve and what your main cause is all about. However, it would be almost impossible to do that if your phone system isn’t able to meet your demands.

If you utilize our customizable and flexible phone systems, you can reach out to potential volunteers, donors, as well as possible beneficiaries. There is no better way to reach them than a clear and reliable line of communication. Using our technology allows you to do everything to drive awareness and raise funds without costing too much money on your part.

With VoIP Central, you get to use a user-friendly system that is fast, reliable, and cost-effective. It’s versatile enough to beagle to help companies from various industries as well as non-profit organizations like yours. Truly, you can reach farther with VoIP Central Technology.