Mobile Office

VoIP Central Mobile App

The VoIP Central Mobile App brings the power of our unified communications and VoIP platform to any of your mobile devices. Connectivity is in the palm of your hand – you can run your business and your employees can continue to make and receive calls from anywhere and on any type of device.

VoIP Central Online Portal

The VoIP Central Online Portal is designed to give your business the flexibility to manage your entire phone system and platform. You will have the ability to access your online user account, auto attendant, voicemail, call center features, call history, call queues and much more.

This is an essential tool especially for businesses with multiple locations or even multiple phones within a single location. Phone numbers (DID’s) are listed and tagged within the interface and a popup, custom screen will display when the number is called. The screen displays the appropriate messaging for the receptionist to greet the caller.

App Integrations

The Salesforce integration is a hosted CRM application integration that manages key communication directly within the Salesforce Enterprise. This unique app automatically logs all incoming and outgoing call data into Salesforce while providing incoming and outgoing call pop ups and note taking that syncs with Salesforce basic functions

VoIP Central offers and integrates click to call functionality directly within MS Outlook using SIP TAPI from Source Force. Businesses can now click and dial contacts within Outlook to instantly place the IP phone on hook and dial the desired phone number. Increase productivity and automate processes within your business.

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